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Ashley Kunsa

is a Pittsburgher and fiction writer who makes occasional forays into the worlds of poetry and nonfiction. She has no visual arts capabilities whatsoever. Ashley’s work appears in many journals, including Sycamore Review, Forge Literary Magazine, The Los Angeles Review, and Summerset Review. She is Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT. Find her online at or on Twitter @ashleykunsa.

Mike Durkota

writes fiction and spends more time in pool halls than he probably should. Mike once wrote a poem about his cat, Coconut; even at the age of eight he had a flair for alliteration. His first novel, Once in a Blue Year, is available on Amazon. His second novel has been “almost done” for two years; the title changes monthly. Find him online at or on Twitter @durk13.

Brad Coffield

writes fiction and lots of code. He once penned a poem about an eagle soaring high above the world’s injustices. He was 16, so you know it was as awesome as it sounds. Brad’s fiction has been published in Yellow Chair Review and Pittsburgh’s City Paper, and he is at work on a novel about a strip club in small-town West Virginia. Visit his website at or connect with him via Twitter @bradcoffield.