genre 2
Poetry by Tara Isabel Zambrano

The Shape of Us

A summer stretched too long. Barren hours
splinter under our feet. Jet streams

make a crossword puzzle. Bored weathermen fill the grid
with clear skies. There is no water for grass to grow.

Celebrities bury their DNA on the moon, blue
like ours. Light years away, the rings

of Saturn disintegrate deep oceans into dark matter.
I hear you sleep talk—calling time

a traitor, always leaving us dry. On a hot, bright day,
we go for a swim and sing Star Wars. Urge

each other to fly.
Tara Isabel Zambrano works as a semiconductor chip designer. Her work has been published in Tin House Online, The Southampton Review, Slice, Bat City Review, Yemassee, Passages North, and others. She is assistant flash fiction Editor at Tara moved from India to the United States two decades ago and holds an instrument rating for single engine aircraft. She lives in Texas.
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